You’re looking and searching over and over, but can’t quite find the right fit. So you consider that building or buying a new house is the right decision. You can create a property to cater for all your needs, layout, design, finishing, colours and clean fresh spaces. When making this decision you should always include obtaining a qualified third-party building inspection prior to settlement.

You may feel relieved that there will be no hidden or unforeseen issues with a newly built home as opposed to an older home with age and maintenance defects. However, a newly built home or property can have all the cosmetic appealing finishings but these finishings can often be rushed, incomplete and show poor workmanship or shortcuts.

When undertaking one of the biggest financial purchases of your life, opinions, views and inspections by specific qualified trades is a must. There are many defects to the common eye that can be overlooked. The construction and building industry is encompassed by so many trades and bodies on a building site, which unfortunately can often lead to works and finishings being incomplete, overlooked and incorrectly fitted. This is often the case with apprentices or less qualified labours not having the consistent monitoring of busy site managers. These defects, although in most cases minor in the singularity can lead to major damages and issues going forward.

What is checked in a new Building Inspection?

Inspect house NZ has conducted many inspections on new builds, from which we can confidently say that there are defects and issues found with each and every one. For a small fee, a qualified Licensed builder and inspector can highlight the minor, major and future possible risks with the properties current condition, as well as based on the materials and construction methods used. A small price to pay in comparison to the large investment you are about to make.

When undertaking the Inspection our Building Inspectors will check all parts of the property, including:

• Construction Methods

• Subfloor construction, type and insulation

• Roof Space construction including ceiling insulation

• Drainage and plumbing areas including fittings and fixtures

• Staircase and decking area Handrails, fixtures and hardware

• Exterior Roofing including guttering, chimneys, downpipes and connections

• Doors and windows including hardware and framing

• Driveways, decks, retaining walls and Patios

A Building Inspection carried out by Inspect house NZ will check it all…

What are some of the most common problems highlighted in New build inspections?

When conducting inspections on new builds there are common themes often displayed such as:

1. Flashings incorrectly installed or fitted too short

2. Nails and screws overdriven

3. Joinery junctions not sealed correctly to cladding

4. Cladding junctions not sealed or overlapped correctly

5. Cosmetic defects with interior finishings

6.Nail popping and cracking to plasterboard joins

It should be highlighted that numbers 1-4 are all areas for moisture ingress and can compromise the properties’ weather-tightness. A property requires solid weather tightness to protect the building structure and materials from the harsh environmental elements, which can lead to major damage and deterioration of the property.

What next?

Luckily you were smart enough to obtain a Building inspection from a qualified and knowledgeable building inspector prior to the purchase of your new building. This has helped you to identify any areas of concern and raise this with the construction company for a remedy before settlement.

Legally, your builder must fix any issue within one year on your newly built property. If you engaged a Master Builder, you’ll have a ten-year warranty. Repairing any issue or concern raised is the builder, developer or contractor’s responsibility for which they must cover any cost.

Call Inspect House NZ today to sleep well in your new investment, knowing any concerns have been highlighted through a thorough building inspection report.