Buying a new house is an accomplishment wouldn't you agree? However, the joy of buying a house can dampen quickly if it isn’t built right. The government has specific requirements set in place to ensure that your property has been built to the NZ Building Code and that your local Council ensure that it meets their council compliance requirements. Now, generally, a newly built house will match these requirements, but properties that are newly built still have a lot of defects in particular workmanship issues that are not up to todays traditional building standards. Hence, building inspection services in NZ are mandatory from our perspective to ensure that the building can survive for years to come with minimum repairs.

Advantages of using Building Inspection Services in NZ

Here are the various benefits of using building inspection services in NZ.

Essential in extreme weather conditions:

New Zealand is known for earthquakes and other extreme weather conditions. Those can take a heavy toll on any building. An old house or a new one with structural issues might not survive for long without the appropriate set of eyes taking a look over it such as a qualified Licensed Building Practitioner or a Building Inspector take a professional look at it for you. With building inspection services in NZ that we view as a must you can find out if any such situation is likely to arise if you purchase the property avoiding heart aches

Planning A Project

For people who are looking for an opportunity to renovate a house as per their preference, a building inspection before buying can help make a plan for you to attack so that you can obtain a realistic view of potential costs and map out accordingly. You can use the inspection report to determine the parts that require immediate attention and then get started on the project and be prepared for whats ahead.

Negotiate Pricing

The building inspection report will also help you negotiate the purchasing terms. Any issues in the house will require money from your pocket, with no fault of your own. If you know the problems in the house, you can negotiate the price to reduce the overall cost of the house as a potential negotiation tool or request that some it not all areas are fixed prior to settlement.

Peace of Mind

The process of getting a building inspection report is to ensure that the building is safe to live in, as it is there to give you peace of mind while making the purchase and to avoid unforeseen heart aches o headaches down the track. People need to know what they are investing in before making a purchase. Getting an expert building inspector to take a look ensures you have all the information you need.


Building inspection services are affordable if you get them from the right place. Given the amount of money they can save you in either negotiating or in the future, the services are a bargain. Also consider how much you are borrowing from the bank and the interest payable then compare this to how much a building report may cost you and then decide if a building inspection is a good investment or not?


Geta building inspection services in NZ from Inspect House is a must. They have affordable pricing and experienced professionals to manage the job and get the right report for you at the right price. Get in touch with them to know more about their services and book an appointment today.