Buying a new house is a big investment. As a house hunter, you must look at your options before finding ‘the one’ or your dream property and potentially forking out hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions. To ensure you are getting a good deal for your money, one of the most crucial aspects is hiring a professional to do a building report for you, you could be looking across all parts of NZ, Auckland, Hamilton or even windy Wellington.

Builder Report, Wellington - Aspiring home owner should keep in mind while looking for a home

When buying a house, there are several things to consider. Generally, keeping a checklist can help ensure that you do not forget the crucial points while you are checking out new houses.

Here is the list that every aspiring home owner should keep while looking for a house.

Location: living in a nice neighbourhood has several benefits. For one, these houses are safer for your family and they also typically maintain their value longer term. Properties that are in a better location are far easier to resell as well

Lifestyle: Your surroundings have a lot to do with your lifestyle. If you as a family, like to have outings, visit nearby parks, or go to swimming pools, then you should be looking for a house with amenities nearby that suit your lifestyle as overtime this can make a difference in your daily habits as a family

Cost: Knowing your budget and your affordability is important when buying a house. You need to keep everything in budget, so that, you can avoid future issues in loan commitments or other financial troubles such as rising interest rates, inflation and unforeseen financial burdens

Property condition: depending on how old the property is, the conditions can change significantly, environment and atmosphere of the property can make drastic changes. For example living next to the ocean with the seabreeze nearby or property enclosed with vegetation with minimal air flow can have a profound impact on the properties ‘health’ so its critical to get it checked over regardless if you live in Auckland, Tauranga or Wellington it doesn’t matter!

Construction quality: the builder report will also come with a check on the construction quality and or cladding systems amongst checking the site, exterior, interior, moisture testing and services such as plumbing, drainage and electricals. Use the building report information as leverage to negotiate better prices or opt for a different property in case of issues.

Connectivity: You need to travel for work, your children need to go to school, and in general having good connectivity from your home is crucial for better living. Therefore, always considera place that offers good modes of public transport, easy access to all the relevant locations and check council plans for future infrastructure projects. It may cost you more upfront however you may see a capital gain in the future due to upcoming or actual government infrastructure plans

Rooms: your family size and the number of adults in the family will dictate the size of rooms you need. Always, get the exact measurements of every room, so that, you can fit everything you haveand still have to grow in your new house.


Getting a builder report, Wellington will help you find your perfect home. Do not forget to check everything before you make a big commitment and for your house inspection, always get the professionals as they know what they are doing.

Happy Hunting!