Making the decision to buy a property is both an exciting and challenging experience. Whether you’re buying the property as an investment, to be closer to work, or as a bigger house for your growing family, it’s a considerable process from start to finish. When you purchase a property you have to think carefully about your decision, not just the strenuous cost, but the longevity of the property. 

A building inspection is something that can help to identify the wear and tear of the property and any expected repairs that you may need to remedy in accordance with recent housing standards in New Zealand. Unfortunately, many property owners choose to skip a building inspection and end up with a bigger problem in the future. A professional building inspector is there to help you check crucial areas of a property which can enable you to negotiate a fair purchase price and save you money in the long run.

Working with you, not against you 

If a property looks good from the outside, then it must be good on the inside, right? That’s not always the case. When selling a house some people will try and show you the best areas of the property. Your emotions can also take over when purchasing a property and distract you from areas of a property that might need a lot of money to repair. There may be minor or major problems that can only be identified through the eyes of a qualified inspector. Professional building inspectors have years of experience and knowledge in property inspection and can find the problem areas quickly and diligently.

When you hire a building inspector they conduct a thorough review of the home’s most important components such as its structure, roof, air conditioning/furnace and electrical system before you purchase the property. The inspection usually takes at least a couple of hours and the inspector will issue a detailed report soon after. 

Building inspection report 

Most building inspectors have a checklist of things they include. They may offer different levels of inspection at different price points. Once you schedule an inspection from a trusted building inspection company, they will then take a detailed look throughout the property, from the basement to the roof, as well as for other issues that might affect the property’s value. You might also need specialty inspections, such as for mould, pests, weathertightness or meth testing

Building inspection reports often are completed within days of the inspection. If you attend the inspection on the day, it’s unlikely the report will include any major surprises. But it’s important to see some of the issues in writing and with photo evidence, as they can be valuable information to discuss with your real estate agent, lawyer and possibly the seller.

Cost of building inspection

Building and home inspections can cost around $300 to $800, or more, depending on the property size. If you’re unsure what size or costing you should be going for before you book a building inspection, be sure to give the company a call to help you. 

Unlike lawyer costs or mortgage costs, you generally pay the home inspector at the time of the service. For a fee that is often less than 1% of the value of the property, a building inspection could save you hundreds and thousands of dollars in the long run.

Do you need to add in pest inspection?

It’s usually worth including a pest inspection with your building inspection. Units and apartments that are built with timber and wooden structure are prone to termites and other pest-related damage. Pest inspection checks are inexpensive when included as part of a building inspection. It might not seem like a big deal or you might be tempted to remedy the pest inspection yourself, but it can be a recurring problem and often a silent killer in many houses.

A building inspection is a straightforward way to get a professional to take a look at the condition of the property you are about to buy. Finding out which areas are in need of attention can be a negotiation point for you and the seller, and guide you on the most important repairs you may need to make on the property. Booking a building inspection can help clear out these questions and uncertainties before you make a decision that could land you in the deep end financially.