Inspect House NZ is the leading Building Report company:

A building inspection is necessary when you plan to buy a new home, building, or property. Any building can be dressed up to be aesthetically pleasing and create an emotional bond, however, it's what's underlying that can cause unforeseen heartache.  It is imperative that you undertake a house inspection which is conducted by hiring a Building Inspector or qualified builders who have expertise and knowledge in the building and construction sector.  This will help to avoid any issues that might become a headache for the owners in the future. When you talk about a company providing the best services in the building inspection sector in New Zealand, Inspect House NZ is always on the top.

Inspect House NZ informs you about the risk of potential heartache and unforeseen costs while making a purchase. Expertise and knowledge are the keys when it comes to building inspections. Inspect House NZ has very sharp eyes in this field.

The building inspectors at Inspect House NZ are experienced and qualified licensed builders who are also trained in accordance with the NZS Inspection Standards, as well as being members of Identified Institutions. If you are planning to build a new home, buy an existing property, renovate, or invest, Inspect House NZ has all the expertise you need no matter what the inspection details.

Inspect House NZ building reports provide a thorough summary of the condition of the property, good and bad, with visual photography and recommendations going forward.

Why Inspect House NZ?

Inspect House NZ streamlines the process, in collaboration with the agent/vendor/tenant and aims to schedule the inspection for the same day or the next day. You will be provided with the completed building report no later than the next working day. This helps you to make the most informed decision with a quick turnaround in a competitive property market. Buying or investing in property can be the most expensive purchase one will make, so when it comes to buying a property Inspect House NZ Inspections are a small investment to protect your commitment. Our inspectors will acknowledge your requirements, requests, queries, and suggestions for consideration during and after the inspection.  Our head office customer services team will also be available to help you through this journey.

Why Inspect House NZ is the best in New Zealand?

Inspect House NZ is a top-rated Inspection Company in New Zealand. We not only provide the best quality customer service to you, but we also provide this service throughout New Zealand. New Zealand has a total of 9 provinces while Inspect House NZ deals in Northland, Auckland, Hamilton, Gisborne, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Taupo, Otago and Tauranga.

Inspect House NZ has it all, widespread location, qualified licensed builders, NZS Inspection Standards trained inspectors and head office staff, and Institutionally recognized with NZIBI. We can help you by providing fast, efficient, accurate, and quality reporting with attention to the individual client’s concerns.