When buying a new house, you should always consider a pre-purchase house inspection as an important step to undertake during the process. You may hear or discuss with others whether or not you feel the need for a Building report in Christchurch, with some opting not to consider this important task before making the deal. They don’t understand how important it is to call on a professional with knowledge and experience in the Building Industry who can help you to purchase quality and know what to expect from the moment you move in, including important repairs and maintenance. According to the research, approximately 6 out of 10 people believe in this idea, and those who opt out often suffer financial and emotional stress when things go wrong.

So, from first-hand experience in this, our opinion is to not take the risk when you have Inspect House NZ there for you. We are proud to be a team of Knowledgeable and experienced LBP house inspectors in Christchurch who support your excitement about buying a new house in this beautiful location and help to make it a prospective deal for you. Before you sign any document, you just have to reach out to our amazing team at Head Office who will do all the hard work for you and arrange a qualified trained pair of eyes to give you the most accurate house inspection report. This report will have photography and written commentary to showcase the real value of the property in question, and what to expect when you choose to invest in it as is, negotiate, or pass.

This report pinpoints:

The Major Issues: If there are any major or costly issues like rotting beams, cracking walls, rusty roofs, pest infestation, water leakage, or damaged foundations this will be highlighted with further recommendations for specialist investigations. Everything will be included in the report, even maintenance, age and cosmetic issues so you can plan your maintenance and upgrades accordingly and budget. As fortune rewards the cautious one, you have to stay alert and make sure that you call on the professional house inspectors in Christchurch. They have the experience and knowledge to add up all the little things that may be clues to hidden issues and determine if that property has a good structure that you feel is worth buying.

Calculating the Estimate: Looking at a property to purchase, one often finds that this includes prior renovations and cosmetic staging for sale. With this, emotions can run high and we can fall in love with a property that can have quite some maintenance and repair required that has been overlooked as consumers only seeing the cosmetic finishings. This directly indicates that you have to be ready for the possible construction issues, repairs, and damages only noticed once occupying the property full time. It is handy to have these things brought to one's attention prior to making the final decision to purchase, as you may want to determine the repair cost and either negotiate that from the final price or budget for the future accordingly. This negotiation is only possible if the Building inspection is done before the sale.

Includes Safety Issues: We often buy a house to create and feel a sense of warmth and safety for our family and loved ones,  but how can you really know what is hidden behind the walls, in the ceiling or under the subfloor? Have you ever stopped and questioned the roof above your head? Or the meaning of the cracking in the walls? Or why does a certain ceiling or wall areas get mould even after continual cleaning? This is why an accurate, knowledgeable and experienced Builder report in Christchurch should be a first priority when considering investing or purchasing a property. You can save yourself by knowing the safety issues you might face after buying that house. So, make the right decision at the right time and pay a small price for long-term savings both Financial and Emotional and Get a Building Inspection report from Inspect House NZ.