Whenever you are planning to purchase, searching for advice or ratings is always a great start. Why? It’s because you want to be sure that whatever you are buying is worth the investment and is a certified and trusted product. Likewise, it takes distinct attention, research and investigation whilst investing in property, especially in New Zealand.

To the everyday person, looking at a property to purchase is full of emotion and often clouded by the cosmetic finishes. It takes an expert eye with construction knowledge and experience to see past the colors and bright lights and see the true bones of the property. Often it can be several small clues separated that can determine an underlying issue. Also taking into consideration, the rise in the number of cases related to leaky houses and weather tightness, which more often than not, is related to the construction style and types of building material used.

These are just some of the reasons why one needs a quality inspection of the building through experts in the industry with construction and building knowledge. Inspect House has the expertise, knowledge, and credentials, making them the best choice for those looking for buying a property.

Be it building inspection reports, meth testing, weather tightness reporting, moisture testing, thermal imagery, or Healthy Homes, Inspect House has expertise in all aspects of inspecting the quality of the building.

Why Choose Inspect House for building inspection in New Zealand?

Inspect House NZ services regions throughout NZ to help customers tackle the risk of potential issues and unforeseen costs related to purchasing a new building. Such a huge investment is worth the small price to have expertise and knowledge on your side. Inspect House NZ building inspectors are experienced Licensed Building Practitioners. All Inspectors are also trained in accordance with the NZS4306 2005 Inspection Standards and certified through Institutions. Even if you’re building a new home, buying an existing property, renovating or investing, Inspect House building reports provide you with detailed information on the current condition of the property.

What services do Inspect House provide?

A building inspection is essential when buying a property and thus, you need a building inspector who can provide you with all the details that you need about a specific building.

Verbal Building Inspection Report

Your Inspector will visit the property and give you a concise verbal overview of the property condition, including areas of concern and recommendations. The verbal report is a simple conversation based on the thorough and honest opinion of our experienced inspectors.

Written Building Inspection Report

You will receive a thorough building inspection report which is detailed and easy to read. Our Inspector will assess each area of the property, identifying defects and issues and clearly highlighting these with photography, commentary, and recommendations.

Toxicology Testing

Finding out your home is contaminated with illicit substances after you have purchased can be a costly and stressful mistake. We provide a same-day on-site screening test or a 3-day Laboratory test which is sent away to a professional scientific lab environment for a more thorough analysis. Get peace of mind today, get toxicology testing.

Weather Tightness Reporting

We specifically look at the risk areas of the property in relation to the style and construction of the building and rate these in relation to the NZS building standards for risk. Areas of focus include; roofing, eaves, window design, cladding, design style, decking, and moisture readings.

Safe and Sanitary

Are you concerned about the safety and construction of unconsented work? Prior to 1stJuly 1992, there was no building consent process as we know and rely on today. Our Safe and Sanitary reporting is an independent report from a trusted third party verifying the condition of a building and work carried out to give you confidence and rule out any concerns.

Special Reporting

Our special reporting is for all building areas that don’t fall into a particular category, such as unusual cracking, fire/flood damage, faulty building works, tenancy/landlord disputes or insurance claims. We provide a clear and concise written report backed up by photos and detailed descriptions of the areas of concern, and recommendations to remedy the situation.

Annual Property Health Check

Keep your property Fit and Healthy with an annual “Property health Check” which includes an annual Healthy Homes Inspection or re-inspection, a Smoke alarm check, and an annual property maintenance inspection to identify all the maintenance problems with your investment property or owner-occupied property.

Healthy Homes

Ensure your rental property meets the Healthy Homes compliance standards for heating, insulation, ventilation, moisture ingress, drainage, and draught stopping. Talk to one of our expert team members to arrange your same-day Healthy Home report.

Seek expert Advice today, Call Inspect House NZ for all your Building related Inspections.