It's time to purchase property and you have already decided to make that big financial investment, so you must already be aware of the importance of obtaining a building inspection before the final deal. However, knowing when is the correct time to approach a certified and licensed building inspection service provider is the real trick. You must know when to make that call and get all the necessary details before you buy or sell any property. In Auckland, private sales, and auctions are some of the premier choices for people who are either selling their properties or buying the same. Let’s focus on that and know when to take the step.

Making the deal at an Auction:

If you are buying the property at an auction, you better be serious about arranging a building inspection because the winning bid is legally binding, there is nothing you can do afterward. The moment you decide to bid in the auction is when it’s the right time to hire the inspection services in Auckland and take some time to understand the report. In case the report is not favorable, you can better understand the current value of that property because you have to spend more on repair services after you buy it. On the other hand, if there are no issues with the property, you shall have the confidence to go through with the purchase.

Making the deal at Private Sales:

When you opt for a private sale, the legal agreement is usually only signed after they schedule the inspection under the guidance of certified and licensed house inspectors in Auckland. This makes it easy for the buyer to estimate the property's value as the inspection report will help with accurate calculations around any repairs, maintenance, and additional optimized features that are present. Furthermore, if you have to sign the deal before the inspection is scheduled, you will need to add a clause that states the purchase is subject to the performance of a building inspection report. However, planning the inspection before the deal can contribute to negotiating better.

When you are the seller:

If you are the person who is selling the property, then it’s advisable to organize a house inspection before you plan to list your real estate. This way you can understand your property from a construction standard along with acknowledging all the defects, repairs, and areas of concern that may arise through a potential purchaser's report. In addition, it can save you a lot of time and give you more power to negotiate the deal on your terms.

Thus, when you find yourself in all these above-mentioned situations, it’s the right time to engage home inspection services for a knowledgeable and qualified building report.

Apart from this, when looking through your potential property of purchase some clues may arise that should trigger you to engage specialist building inspection services;

  • If you find evidence of rodents
  • If you find  black mold and/or fungi
  • If you find cracks on the roof
  • If you see Internal cracking to wall linings and joinery
  • If there is leakage or water staining in the house
  • If the exterior concrete areas have cracks

These are some situations where you need professional advice and an experienced eye to add up the clues to find underlying issues. This will enable you to look at the property as a whole and determine the next steps whether they be to negotiate, buy as-is, plan for repair, or pass. Obtaining a Building or Home Inspection should be a non-negotiable when purchasing or selling property.