Congratulations on finding real estate that you are willing to purchase. It takes days, months, or years to find that perfect building for you. But we all know this is a huge purchase, and you must get a building inspection report on the real estate you are looking to purchase; this will help determine what you are getting yourself into and your next steps.

Your inspector will assess each property area, identifying defects and issues and highlighting these with photos, commentary, and recommendations to fix areas of concern. We inspect internals, externals, site and provide moisture readings. If we can’t access a particular area, we will be noting this with the reason in your report.

Why do you need a building inspection report?

It can be challenging to spot structural flaws in a building to the untrained eye. If you didn't get a building inspection, you increase the risk that the property might be on the brink of disaster. Then, the responsibility of fixing the place will fall directly on your shoulders.

What does a building inspection report unveil?

The standard building inspection assesses the prospective building you want to purchase. It will cover any faults in the visible area and be noticeable to the trained eyes. Some of the elements that the building inspector will check include the roof and roof void, external walls, doors and windows, and internal walls, floors, and subfloor.

Here, the building inspector is looking for:

● Any water damage, consistent dampness, or rot

● Uneven flooring

● Cracks or other structural damage

● Visible evidence of pests and rust

    Please note: The visible check of evidence of pests does not equal a full pest test.

    These checks generally require tools like moisture meters but do not cover any invasive investigations to unreachable areas on the property.

    In case of a significant issue, the building inspection expert will ask you to contact a plumber or other tradespeople for further testing.

    When Should You Get Expert Building Inspection Services?

    An expert building inspection isn't precisely a costly procedure, but if you keep getting it for every house you see, the bills will pile up. Instead, it is better first to finalize the real estate you want to purchase in the order of preference.

    Once you have your preferences in mind, get in touch with the building inspection services. Get your favorite property checked first, and if all is good, you do not have to bother with the inspection of other properties.

    We help you save money!!

    Our services will help you find the ideal real estate. We help provide a reality check on the condition of the prospective property so that you can make a sound decision with relative ease.